The stars of the Ranch

We are a small Ranch with horses especially for beginners, but welcome all types of riders. We also have the friendliest horses on the island of Aruba. Whenever we buy a new horse we immediately let all the horses together for one whole month in the stable and inside a big horse corral. That’s how the horses get to know each other, by being together 24 hours a day. After that we start training the horses to be responsive on the tour. After the horses complete their training they become familiar with their role and learn to cope with each member of the Gold Mine Ranch Family. We never use force while training our horses. The horses are well fed and eat horse feed only, three times a day.  At the end of the day we let them sleep together with enough hay to munch down on. The horses fight and bite in the beginning, but they learn quickly to respect each other. That’s why no one has ever been bitten or kicked on our tours. Therefore we have the safest tour on the island, thanks to our stars.

The story about our Tour

Gold Mill Ruins

We are located on the shore with a fantastic ocean and panoramic view. The first attraction we pass by is the Gold Mill Ruins, which was built by the New Yorkers together with the Italian and Aruban miners in 1877. In the Gold period of that time the monument was made with volcanic black stones by hand with a fantastic windmill on top. Right next to the Gold Mill Ruins is the famous wish garden. This is a garden of three stones stacked on top of each other. This belief belongs to the Indians who used to live on Aruba from the Venezuelan tribe of the Arawaks. The Legend goes as this. When an indian passed away, the family placed three stones on top of each other and sang to the deceased. This is believed to help the soul rest in peace so he may pass on good luck and protection to those left behind. This practice is still ongoing.

Budui Beach

The first beach on the tour is named Budui. Budui beach is a nice panoramic beach. Budui means spear fish. In that time the Indians did not have hooks and fishing lines. The Indians are long gone, but this fantastic beach is still there.

Baby Natural Bridge & Wariruri Beach

Baby natural bridge is a nature made wonder on the Wariruri beach. This beach bares its name due to the sea turtle. The sea turtle comes each year to lay their eggs in the white sand and then go back to sea. The eggs are left to hatch by the sun. The sea turtle comes around Wariruri beach once a year. The white-sand-dunes of the Wariruri Beach is a super great attraction made by nature itself. The white sand dunes are big white sand deposits. It is a breathtaking view, where you can take in riding on white snowy sands in the warm temperatures of the tropical Aruba.

Indian trail

The Indian trail is a trail ride to the top of a hill at the North-East Coast of Aruba. As you gradually ride to the top you will get a breathtaking view of the ocean, surrounding hills and coastline. Here you will be in contact with nature as never before.

Hidden valley and Lagoon

Hidden valley and Lagoon is located at the foot of Gerard Hill and in the surroundings of a small lake with green, green grass all year round. This is a fantastic view, since the surrounding is a dry semi-desert. Year round the lagoon is filled with water, that attracts ducks and sustains life. It does give the feeling of being in a hidden valley, you can almost imagine the cowboys and Indians lurking nearby.

Fisherman’s hut with Ranch (blackstone) beach

The Fisherman’s hut with black-stone beach is where some locals fish. Traditionally, camping at the ocean is a must for some locals, especially those with fishermen in the family. You will get to see just how the locals enjoy the good life: simple, care free. The beach is also covered with black stones (‘piedra di Strena’ in Papiamento). The legend is that when lightning strikes and thunder roars, these stones fall down on earth with tremendous speed, causing the terrifying sounds of thunder. This explains their name, thunderstones. Welcome to the black beach at the Fisherman’s hut!

Country side

Riding through the country side you will get to see a close up of nature. In the abundance of cacti there are many other types of plants and indigenous creatures such as small lizards, parrots and even wild donkeys. In the distance you will also see fantastic views of hills under the tropic sky. This is a completely different sight of Aruba that can only be seen on horseback with the Gold Mine Ranch.

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