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About Us

Exciting, amazing, and safe! These three words describe Aruba’s best horseback riding adventure at the Gold Mine Ranch. This wonderful horseback ride is exciting because it is fun for anyone — couples, friends, children — and is pleasant for the entire family. The views are amazing, with a wide range of man-made and natural wonders, including beautiful beaches, sand dunes, and a fantastic ocean view. We also strive to provide you with a safe ride by means of our personal service to you. Instructions and plenty of attention are provided to all our guests.

A Family-Operated Company

The Gold Mine Ranch was established in 2004 as a rescue ranch, despite the fact that horse feed was and still is very expensive in Aruba. Our family has always loved animals, and we have continued the tradition of raising animals and farm life for over five generations. We strive to make you feel part of our local tradition and rich history around the Gold Mill Ruins and the beauty of the natural surroundings. We strive to let you experience our genuine Aruban hospitality.

Behind our fun tours is a family, a great team, and volunteers who work to keep the horses healthy. Our motivation: Your happiness is our satisfaction. That has always been and will always be our main principle. That’s why our tours are small and tailored to the riding skill of each rider, giving you a personal experience on every horseback riding adventure.

Let us be the highlight of your vacation!

Our Promise to You

We promise to offer you an exciting horseback adventure with a small group, whether you join us for a private ride or a regular ride. Anyone can ride with us since we offer only the best horses according to your riding skills, whether that is some, very little, or none whatsoever. It is also our goal to provide you with an unforgettable experience that covers over seven spots, including beaches and the Hidden Valley & Lagoon. We are grateful to be able to take you to experience the best spots on the northeast coast of Aruba. We do not offer you just a trail ride, but the best horseback adventure on the island. Explore the island with all your senses.

You start off in the wilderness as soon as you leave the Ranch, and it is not just about looking at trees and the ocean. You actually ride on the beach and experience the strong breeze and waves around you. Last but not least, we do all of this with personal attention to you in our small groups that ensure safety first and fun at all times. You are given ample safety and riding instructions, and you are able to ride at your own pace.

We are the only ranch located right on the coast, so there is no need to travel inland, crossing dangerous highways to reach the beach.

Join us on this journey that takes you through the old gold mine path and ruins, a must-see journey through 100 years of man-made structures during the Gold Rush period and breathtaking views of nature.

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Horseback Riding on Aruba